Hand Dryer Maintenance Issues

Mystair’s highly efficient High-speed hand dryer reduces frequency of breakdowns and maintenance charges.

Reasons Why Conventional Warm Air Hand Dryers Frequently Require Maintenance​

1. Conventional low-speed hand dryers are designed to perform only for small intervals of time. They do not work effectively for long durations.

2. Power consumption is excessive, as they are equipped with a heater. 

3. Maintenance costs are high as they frequently break down due to ineffective designs. 

4. After sales service is problematic with warm hand dryers. 


How Mystair’s Hand Dryers Reduce Maintenance Costs​

* The Mystair high-speed hand dryers can operate continuously.

* The high-speed hand dryers consume less electricity and are energy efficient.

* Hot and cold air settings are provided, reducing frequency of maintenance. 


How Mystair’s High Speed Hand dryers fare compared to conventional Low speed Hand dryers


Mystair’s High Speed Hand dryer

Conventional Hand Dryers


High speed dryers perform continuously in demanding work conditions.

Low Speed Hand Dryers perform for a small intervals of time only.

Power Consumption

High Speed Hand dryers consume up to 75 % less power than conventional hot & cold hand dryers due to efficient design.

Higher power consumption as the low speed hand dryers take more time to complete one cycle of drying.

Frequency of Maintenance

High Speed Hand Dryers work on Air Displacement’ mechanism, reducing the threshold temperature of the moisture residue on the user’s hands. Faster usage time results in efficiency, reducing frequency of maintenance.

User’s hands are dried through the hot air. Fluctuation in ambient temperature leads to frequent maintenance issues.


High Speed Hand dryers are designed to blend into most spaces and are aesthetically pleasing.

Aesthetically not pleasing, design advancements have not been made in low-speed hand dryers.