Excessive usage of Toilet Rolls

Mystair’s Jumbo Toilet roll eliminates the problem of excessive toilet paper usage in washrooms. 

Reasons Why Conventional Toilet Roll Dispensers Cause Paper Towel Wastage​

1. Rolls get soiled as they are exposed to moisture in the washroom

2. Chances of getting pilfered because they aren’t placed inside the dispenser. 

3. Small length of the toilet rolls can cause excessive usage. 

How Mystair’s Jumbo Toilet Roll Reduces Excessive Roll Usage​

* Mystair Jumbo Rolls come in lengths of 225-400 meters which make them last longer than conventional rolls. 

* Stub roll wastages are reduced, making the Jumbo Toilet Roll an environment-friendly option. 

* Need for frequent replacement is eliminated, as the rolls last longer due to their length, quality and design. 

How Mystair’s Jumbo Toilet Roll fares in comparison to conventional Toilet Rolls


Conventional Toilet Rolls

Jumbo Toilet Roll (JRT)

Value For Money

Conventional, smaller toilet rolls prove more expensive in comparison to the Mystair Jumbo Toilet Roll. 

Jumbo Toilet Roll is seven times bigger than a regular toilet roll, thereby proving to be extremely cost efficient.

Frequency of Replacement

Toilet rolls must be refilled frequently, due to fast usage. 

Roll replacement frequency is much lower due to the big size of the Mystair Jumbo Roll. 

Space Optimization

More space is required to store all the rolls that need to be ordered frequently. 

Inventory can be stored for number of days in advance with no space issues. 


Toilet paper may get soiled and wasted due to direct contact with moisture in the washrooms. 

Jumbo Toilet Roll’s consumption is low, as it is placed in a dispenser, without direct contact to the washroom’s moisture and other spillage.