Mystair’s innovative foam soap reduces the excessive usage of liquid soap 

Reasons Why Liquid Soap Is Excessively Wasted​

1. Liquid soap tends to spill from the user’s hands that leads to wastage of soap and dirty stains in the washroom. 

2. Time taken to wash hands increases as lather needs to be formed from the soap while washing. 

3. Water is wasted during the process of using liquid soap. 

4. Exposure to air and moisture in the washroom can cause the liquid soap to get contaminated. 

How Mystair’s Foam Soaps Reduce Wastage In The Washrooms​

* As foam soap is pre-lathered, it helps clean the user’s hands faster.  

* Since the foam is loaded with moisture, it helps keep hands soft and supple. 

* Foam soap is a more environment friendly option, as it reduces the usage of water.


How Mystair’s Foam Soap System fares in comparison to conventional Liquid Soap System.


Foam Soap

Liquid Soap

Ease of Usage

Ready-to-use foam soap makes for a faster and more hygienic hand washing experience. 

Lather needs to be created for liquid soap solution, decreasing the ease of usage. 

Spillage Control

Sealed container ensures product is used until the end. 

Liquid soap may spill causing wastage. 

Risk of Contamination

Contamination is eliminated with tightly sealed containers that aren’t exposed to other elements in the washroom. 

As the dispenser is exposed to air and moisture in the washroom, it is a possible contaminant. 

Reduction of Pilferage

Tamper-proof cartridge helps check pilferage.

Top – up solutions do not come with the feature.

Hand Protection

Pre-moisturised and active content (BKC) fights bacteria and keeps the hands clean and soft. 

Liquid soap variants may or may not have the feature.

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