Urinal Screens

» Economical drain protection for your urinal. Mystair Urinal screens traps debris for extra-drain protection while leaving a fresh-scent in your urinal.

» Urinal screen freshens and cleans the urinal for around 30 days while protecting the drain. Installing the urinal screen reduces splash back, keeping liquids where they belong and save you cleaning time.

» Anti-splash texture, VOC compliant, flexible design to fit any contour, and see-through design to view the drain to ensure it remains free-flowing. 

» Eliminate the uses of Phenyl, Naphthalene balls, urinal blocks, every type of manual or automatic air freshener products, .

» Saves – Man-hours in cleaning of urinals, Chemicals etc

» Eco-friendly , Bio-degradable

» Air tight packed screens increases shelf life

» Helps conserve precious natural resource – water by limiting its usage for Uric acid residue cleaning.


Envirojan Urinal Screens

Envirojan Urinal Screens

Description - Envirojan Urinal Screens - Lemon (US001)

Envirojan Urinal Screens - Mango (US002)

Envirojan Urinal Screens - Orange (US003)

Envirojan Urinal Screens - Super Lime (US004)

Envirojan Urinal Screens - Ocean Breeze (US005)

Unit - 100