High consumption of paper tissue towels


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Roll towel dispensing system: mystair’s solution for the problem of high consumption of tissue towels

How wastage occurs in the conventional M/C fold dispensers?

  • • Wastages occur due to design incapability.
  • • Many a times multiple tissue papers are dispensed in one pull which leads to wastages and spillages.

Roll Towel: mystair’s solution to stop wastages and spillage of tissue towels in washrooms

Advantages of Roll Towel system over C/ M Fold Paper Towel system

» Roll Towel systems are better placed than paper towel systems in addressing user requirement of maintaining hygiene standards at a facility.

» Roll Towel systems are desgined to perform in demanding conditions and deliver consistent and satisfactory results.

» Hygienic: Roll Towel dispensing technology helps maintains high hygiene standards by exposing only one towel at a time.

Comparision of Mystair’s Roll Towel system with M/C Fold Towel Systems


Roll Towel System

C/M Fold Dispenser
Value for Money
Roll Towels are utilised till the last sheet of the roll, helping controls wastage and generates value for Money.
M/ C Fold can not control the usage due to design incapabilities.
Spillage Control
Roll Towel system is designed to dispense only 1 towel with every dispense to control spillage.
There are instances of multiple towels coming out of the opening in one pull thus leading to spillage and wastage.
Environment Friendly
Roll Towel system is free from the use of polypacks - a potential environment hazard results in your contribution towards saving environment.
M/ C Fold towels are essentially packed in polypacks by which indirectly it contributes towards environment pollution.
Space Optimization
Roll Towel system can accommodate approx. (790 towels) 75%* more towels than C/ M Fold towels.
M/ C Fold can accommodate maximum of 450 towels.
Reduces towel replacement frequency
Thanks to higher capacity of towel accommodation within the same space as of M/ C Fold towel systems, it significantly reduces roll replacement frequency.
Limitation of maximum 450 towels at a time results in paper out situation much faster and leads to increased roll replacement frequency.