High consumption of liquid soap


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Foam soap: mystair’s solutionoptimiof liquid soap consumption and wastages in the washrooms
Short comings of liquid soap:

  • • Liquid soap tends to spill from the hands which leads to wastages of soap and unhygienic condition in the washrooms.
  • • Since the leather needs to be created it requires more time per person to wash the hands.
  • • It requires water to generate foam and more water for the rinsing of water which leads to the wastage of water
  • • Since the liquid soap is exposed to air it can lead to cross contamination.

Liquid VS Foam Soap

Foam Soap System –

» Hand Washing is integral acitivity to personal hygiene, liquid soap for long is considered as the most suitable option.
» Foam soap – relatively a new introduction – is a better alternative to liquid soap due to the following features
» Pre-lathered soap helps faster and deeper cleaning of your hands.
» Pre-moisture foam soap leaves your hands not only clean but soothing and supple too.
» Since its usage leads to saving of water and soap it’s an environment friendly alternative.
» By optimizing hand wash usage, it significantly reduces water consumption.


Comparsion of Mystair’s Foam Soap System with conventional Liquid Soap System.


Foam Soap

Liquid Soap

Ready To use Foam Solution
Ready to use foam soap solution helps faster and hygienic hand wash .
Lather needs to be created for liquid soap solution that leads more time per person in hand washing.
Controls Spillage/ Wastage
Completely sealed container ensures the usage upto last drop of solution.
Liquid soap tends to spill from the hands leading to wastage and create unhygienic conditions in washroom.
Cross Contamination
Fresh foam dispensed out with every push prevents cross contamination.
In top-up dispensers liquid soap solution is exposed to air and possible can lead to cross contamination.
Tamper proof cartridge helps check pilferage.No such feature available in top - up solutions.
Hand Protection
Premoisturised and active content(BKC) to fight bacteria in foam solution keeps the hands clean, sanitized and supple too.
Such features may not be available in liquid soap solutions.

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