High consumption of toilet rolls


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Jumbo Toilet roll: mystair’s solution for the problem of high consumption of toilet rolls.
How wastage occurs in the conventional toilet roll dispenser?

  • • Mostly toilet rolls are not placed within a dispenser and are exposed, so many times during the usage they get soiled.
  • • Since the toilet rolls are not placed within a dispenser they may get pilfered.
  • • Toilet rolls are smaller in length while JRT rolls are of much bigger in length: 225 to 450 mts. they reduce the stub roll wastages and thus they are more environment friendly.
  • • Due to the longer length of JRT rolls they last longer and require less serving for replacement.

Advantages of Jumbo Toilet roll over toilet roll

Comparison of Mystair Jumbo Toilet Roll with Toilet Rolls


Jumbo Toilet Roll

Toilet Roll

Jumbo Toilet Roll proves be to be much more economical than using Toilet Rolls as around 7 times the roll length can be accomodated in Jumbo Toilet Roll vis-à-vis toilet roll.
Toilet rolls proves to be relatively expensive than Jumbo Toilet Roll in use as in Toilet roll smaller length of paper is available per roll to use.
Frequency of Replacement
Replacement time of Jumbo Toilet Rolls is much higher than Toilet rolls.
Toilet rolls are required to refill frequently due to the reason stated above.
Space management
Inventory for relatively higher no. of days can be stored by using Jumbo Toilet Roll in comparision to Toilet Rolls.
Frequent ordering is required to be done or more space is required to keep the inventory by using toilet rolls.
Lower consumption
Jumbo Toilet Roll is essentially placed within dispensers which prevents the paper rolls getting soiled and pilfered, the most common problems due to which the consumption increases.
Mostly toilet rolls are not placed within dispensers due to which by normal usage the paper rolls get soiled.

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