Bad odour in the washroom


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Envirojan System: mystair’s solution for the bad odours in the washrooms

How the malodour problem starts?

  • • Over a period of time of usage the urinal and washroom seats’drainage pipelines starts accumulating scaling.
  • • This leads to bacteria build up in the drainage pipeline, which is the root cause of malodours.


How the malodour problem starts?

  • • Urinal screens/Tabs/Naphthalene balls.
  • • Aerosol Air freshener

These conventional methods mostly works on odour masking and do not remove the root cause of the problem.
Envirojan System
Advantages of the Envirojan System:

» Automatic constant and continuous cleaning of all ceramics surfaces and drainage pipes exposed to flushing.

» Kills germs, maintains hygiene standards, and meets public demand for higher standards of hygiene.

» Reduces maintenance through automatic dispensing and refill indicators.

» Powerful organic fragrances continuously neutralize odours in the air and at source.

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Comparison of Mystair’s Envirojan System with conventional products

Mystair Envirojan

Urinal Screen/Tabs/Naphthalene balls

Aerosol Air Fresheners

Eliminates the source of malodours which is the build up of bacterial scaling in the pipeline.
Mostly perform odour masking. Do not address the real problem.
Mostly perform odour masking. Do not address the real problem.
Consistent performance. Automatic dispenser ensures that the cleaning and de-odoursing function is performed consistently over the refill lifecycle.
Life of the products is not consistent. Depends on many variables like number of users, temperature, volume of water flushed etc.
Automatic dispenser
Triple function:

1. Cleans the ceramic surfaces coming in contact with flush water.

2. Releases fresh fragrance.

3. Cleans and maintains the pipelines.

Mostly perform odour masking.

Mostly perform odour masking.

Conforms to the highest international standards. Refills are made in EU meeting their stringent standards.
Products from sources where standards are questionable.
Products from sources where standards are questionable.
One system for complete solution. Reduces overall cost while maintaining highest standards of hygiene.
Not required if Envirojan system is being used.
Not required if Envirojan system is being used.
Environment friendly:

1. No aerosol or propellant which may be harmful for environment and people.

2. Reduces the amount of water used to flush.

May contain harmful and toxic chemicals.

Works with high volume of water.

Contain propellants which may be toxic and harmful.