Frequent maintenance issues with the hand dryers


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High speed hand dryer: mystair’s solution for minimizing breakdowns and maintenance cost.

Short comings of conventional warm air hand dryers:

  • • Low speed hand dryers are designed to perform for small interval of time and hence can’t work continuously for longer durations.
  • • They consume huge amount of power due to the heater element provided.
  • • They have high maintenance cost due to frequent break down which is the result of the design incapability.
  • • They are energy inefficient and poor quality hand dryers.
  • • After sales service is an issue with warm hand dryer

Key Advantages Of High Speed Hand Dryers

» Continuous operation
» Consume less electricity
» Develop fewer maintenance issues
» Provide option of hot and cold air throw.


Comparison of High Speed Hand dryers with Conventional Low speed Hand dryers


High Speed Hand dryer

Low Speed conventional Hand Dryers
Continuous operation
High speed dryers are designed to perform in continuous and demanding working conditions making them ideal to perform under such conditions.

Low Speed Hand Dryers are designed to perform for small interval of time and hence can not contiously work for longer working durations.

Power Consumption
High Speed Hand dryres consumes upto 75 % less power than conventional hot & cold hand dryers due to its effeicient and technologically advanced design & construciton .
Heater element provided in standard hot & cold hand dryers which leads to significant higher power consumption .
High Speed Hand Dryers workes on' Air Displacement' mechanism, which helps reduces threshold temprature of the moisture residue on your hand. This feature helps dry hands faster which result in less usage time per person that ultimately reduces maintenance issues in High speed Hand dryers .
No such feature available in standard hot & cold Hand dryers. Hands are dried essentially through the hot air blows out of hand dryer. Frequent fluctuation in ambient tempertaure leads to maintenance issues .
High Speed Hand dryers are designed to suit most of the decors and are aesthetically pleasing .
Not much technological advancement has been made with respect to the aesthetics of the low speed conventional hand dryers.

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