MyStair Case Study 3

Case Study 3 – Problem faced by a leading Multinational Bank for sourcing quality and proper servicing of hygiene washrooms products at their multiple branches and back offices across India. Servicing and quality was a major problem due to different vendors in their various locations.

Customer Background:
A leading multinational investment bank . Bank offers financial services throughout the world. It has multiple locations and captive units across India.
mystair was posed with challenge of

  • • Servicing of all offices at multiple locations which other multiple vendors had failed to do so.
  • • Some of the branch locations were in the 2nd and 3rd tier cities.
  • • Requirement of the client was one single vendor with uniformity of products across India.

mystair adopted 360° approach to the challenge posed by

  • • Observing current practices that the customer was using for the challenged applications.
  • • Understand over all usage patterns by analyzing.
  • • Proposing alternative product solutions to ensure better results in terms of user satisfaction.

Current product used by customer: The bank was using different kind of paper towel dispenser which used different shape and sizes of tissues.

Product solution proposed by mystair: We standardized all the hygiene products and with our vast distributor network across India have been providing on time delivery to them. We also achieved a milestone here and installed 2500 dispensers including 1721 foam soap dispenser, 1705 JRT dispenser, 1717 HRT dispenser and 1907 air freshener in their 23 offices across India, some of the offices were located in the tier 2nd and 3rd cities.

Customer has experienced total satisfaction since on time delivery of all the quality standardized products across India.This was appreciated by the entire staff of the bank.