Mystair Case Study 1

Case Study 1 – Cost reduction through alternative products & offerings in a leading IT/ ITES Multinational company.

Customer Background:
A market leader in software and services for service providers in the communications, media and entertainment industry, it has more than 30-years of track record of ensuring telecom service providers success and embracing their biggest challenges.
It has multi-location presence with more than 10000 employees in India.

mystair was posed with challenge of

  • 1. Bring down the consumption of paper towels especially in cafeteria usage.
  • 2. Overall reduction in consumption of toiletries
    mystair adopted 360° approach to the challenge posed by

    • Observing current practices that the customer was using for the challenged applications.
    • Understand over all usage patterns by analyzing for a week.
    • Proposing alternative product solutions to ensure better results in terms of user experience and cost reduction.

    Current product used by customer: Multi-fold paper towel of a world renowned brand.
    Product solution proposed by mystair: 1737 Lever Towel Dispenser in cafeteria and 4103 Recycled Multifold Towels along-with 1721W foam soap dispensers for washrooms.
    For details about the products please visit below links:
    Customer has experienced appx. 25% reduction in overall consumption of toiletry consumables and the cafeteria consumption is reduced by appx. 30%.