Air Freshener Dispenser 1907



Pleasant and fragrant environment welcomes all and help people spend productive time in a premises.
Odour elimination, especially from a restroom remains to be one of the most challenging responsibilities for a facility and Mystair Air Freshening system helps achieve desired results.
Mystair automatic air fresheners comes with fragrance and neutralizing technology and is one of the most effective compact dispensing unit available today.
The Dispensers are designed to incorporate multiple programming levels tailored to suit your requirements. The dispenser can be programmed so as the refills may last for 30/45/60/90. The air freshener refills are free from harmful CFCs which can harm your health and the ozone layer.


  • 1. Effective odour control in area upto 200sq. ft.
  • 2. Wide variety of pleasing fragrances options to choose
  • 3. Programmable automatic dispenser
  • 4. Chemical resistant and lockable case
  • 5. Neutralizes malodorous
Product Code
Product Description
Length (m)
Digital Air freshener dispenser
31.1 X 19.4 X 31.2